16 Reasons Twitter is Still Relevant for Business

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lot of my contemporaries still don’t get Twitter (TWTR) and other social media. Heck, some of them still struggle with email. It’s a sad state of affairs, but then, I have always been an early adopter and slightly ahead of my friends on anything internet related. Twitter, after all, is simply a one-to-one communications platform built around conversations. With over 310 million users and 10,000 new followers a day, it can’t be ignored.

While Twitter is becoming more and more accepted by business, more than 30% still are not using it. Twitter is easy to navigate and you can ‘get it ‘ within minutes of joining. Check some easy terms about Twitter here. I wrote an article on Social Media & It’s Impact on Business, but thought I’d get more specific as to why you should be on Twitter.

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  • Targeted Followers — While some Twitter accounts with high followers acquire them nefariously, and some are fake accounts or frivolous, I know where my followers come from, who they are, the business niche they are from, what time of day is best to reach them, and what content appeals to them. My target is entrepreneurs, small business and those influencers around them.It is very important to decide, then target, which demographic you want to follow you and interact with. With a strategic plan, you can reach a very targeted segment of your market. These people are your customers. Your Twitter account can easily be managed in 15 minutes per day.

Do you feel compelled now to ramp up your Twitter and other social media platforms? Twitter is here to stay and if you were an early adopter — good for you. For the best results someone better be dedicated at your company to manage your Twitter account. There is time if you are a business just joining the Twitterverse but your window is closing. What’s holding you back?

Gary is the Adjunct Professor of Social Media Marketing at the New York Institute of Technology(Vancouver Campus), MBA School of Management

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Originally published at www.garybizzo.com on March 10, 2018.

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Business Startup Specialist, Global Social Media Influencer, Forbes Top 25 Small Business Accounts on Twitter. Richtopia's Top 100 Global Influencers 2018

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