In 2019, Canada became a willing participant in both an escalating trade war and an international incident. Canadian border personnel guided and supported by the FBI and US Homeland Security (HS) detained Ms. Meng (the CFO of Huawei) by arresting her at the Vancouver International Airport.

On the surface, it…

Image source: Brian Merrill / Pixabay

The Fastest, cheapest way to take your Startup Public

It’s tough to raise money from your friends and family to finance your startup. You’ve got visions of greatness and that look of money in your eyes. Your sales pitch is full of excitement and…

This article is not a political swipe or advocating for one country over another. It’s simply some observations from a Canadian who perceives the US, China and others as going through formidable change.

The world has changed and geopolitics, national economies and the environment have altered the way we trade…

Source: Pixabay, geralt

At the moment, we all know how Covid-19 is affecting our daily lives. Social distancing, impossible travel conditions and much more. Have you considered what is in store for us after the virus?

Our society will attempt normality, but many things will be forever affected that we…

Gary C. Bizzo

Business Startup Specialist, Global Social Media Influencer, Forbes Top 25 Small Business Accounts on Twitter. Richtopia's Top 100 Global Influencers 2018

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