In 2019, Canada became a willing participant in both an escalating trade war and an international incident. Canadian border personnel guided and supported by the FBI and US Homeland Security (HS) detained Ms. Meng (the CFO of Huawei) by arresting her at the Vancouver International Airport.

On the surface, it seemed odd that a C-Suite executive from Chinese giant Huawei would be arrested for alleged bank fraud and that both the FBI and HS would be on Canadian soil. It also seemed odd that Canada would be asked to hold a Chinese citizen so she could be extradited to the…

In North America, we have witnessed, in the last few years, corporations denying the President of the United States the right of free speech. We’ve seen the media become an exploitive force in politics and anything that affects our personal freedoms. We have seen international relations become based on trade policies versus a way to create international harmony, and we have seen people become pawns in this trade war scenario.

Canada, in 2019, became an unwilling participant in both an escalating trade war and an international incident. I’m talking about the capture of Ms. …

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The Fastest, cheapest way to take your Startup Public

It’s tough to raise money from your friends and family to finance your startup. You’ve got visions of greatness and that look of money in your eyes. Your sales pitch is full of excitement and dreams. Convincing your friends and family, however, only some of whom may be able to afford or envision your dream, is a scary proposition. Then comes the caveat to them — I have an idea but no product yet!

After you’ve gone that first and most logical fundraising route, you…

This article is not a political swipe or advocating for one country over another. It’s simply some observations from a Canadian who perceives the US, China and others as going through formidable change.

The world has changed and geopolitics, national economies and the environment have altered the way we trade, work and live.

We are in the midst of a Tech War just as the USA signed a comprehensive trade deal with Canada/US/Mexico then with China. In fact, the first salvos indicating a tech war were fired at Chinese tech giant, Huawei, supposedly over their 5G technology. Huawei is a…

I’ve been getting a lot of flack lately because of my support for the Chinese giant Huawei. Clearly there are many reasons floating around as to why Huawei should be ignored, boycotted, sued and a variety more equally severe actions. Why is this business being rebuked by so many people? It’s one thing for the US government to attack Huawei as part of its ongoing trade war with China. It’s another thing completely for individuals to be rejecting the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment.

As a member of the media and a business analyst, I was invited to attend…

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5G (the fifth-generation cellular technology) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been two of the most disruptive, maligned and misunderstood technologies of our time. Critics of 5G will tell you that 5G will fry your brain while those for AI believe AI will replace your brain. What a conundrum!

Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World (set in a dystopian London) wrote about the dehumanizing aspects of scientific progress. He was friends of another like-minded author/theorist George Orwell, well-known of course for his book “Nineteen Eight-Four”. One can see how progress if out of control can cause chaos and ruin.


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At the moment, we all know how Covid-19 is affecting our daily lives. Social distancing, impossible travel conditions and much more. Have you considered what is in store for us after the virus?

Our society will attempt normality, but many things will be forever affected that we used to take for granted.

10 Trends to Watch

  • Banknotes — I can’t remember the last time I had cold, hard cash in my hands. No one is taking cash. Liquor stores and carry-outs all want plastic. …

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I met some interesting people a couple of months ago. They told me about bonds and how bonds could finance my green project without taking equity. Seriously?

Living in Canada, I expressed surprise that bonds, let alone “green” ones, were not part of my lexicon. Of course, I’m very familiar with typical funding sources-friends and family, angel investors and venture capital rounds-but bonds were not something I knew much about, and this is coming from someone who worked in private equity financing.

The Green Bond Market

There are a lot of misconceptions about bonds in Canada. They live in oblivion. No…

Quantum based-Nanotechnology Replaces Rechargeable Batteries

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — March 6, 2020, Syphon Nanotech Inc. announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with LEO-RDA Ltd. and LM&TH Ltd of Puebla, Mexico, to produce battery replacement prototypes for their electric bicycles and their ‘Thalia’ model electric vehicle.

“There is no doubt that our technology will revolutionize everything that currently uses a rechargeable battery”, said Gary Bizzo, Syphon Nanotech’s CEO.

Syphon Nanotech Inc. (Automotive), a subsidiary of The Syphon Institute for Quantum Studies, is a corporation with headquarters in Vancouver and laboratories in Winnipeg. The company has developed an electrostatic generator that takes…

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I’ve been working with several of my New York Institute of Technology MBA students in various practicums I’ve setup. I’m finding a lot of them have extensive backgrounds and studies in supply chain management. For someone who consults with many corporations, both large and small, I must admit that when they started using terms like ERP and MRP, I had to look them up.

All manufacturers, big or small, need Material Requirement Planning or MRP software. An MRP system intends to simultaneously ensure raw materials are available for production and that finished products are available for customers…

Gary C. Bizzo

Business Startup Specialist, Global Social Media Influencer, Forbes Top 25 Small Business Accounts on Twitter. Richtopia's Top 100 Global Influencers 2018

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