Launch of My New Book “Social Media Rock Star”

My latest book, “Social Media Rockstar — Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Business” went live on paperback and eBook on Amazon this month.

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Gary Bizzo — Social Media Rockstar 2018

I wanted to write “Social Media Rock Star” because when I first started my ad agency in the ‘90’s companies had to pay through the nose to advertise. Billboards, brochures, pamphlets, mail-outs on postal routes, television, radio and newspaper or magazines were the standard form of getting the word out. The sales guy at the magazine would tell me “you realize you have to run this ad for at least six times before someone will remember your name enough to buy it, right”. Shut your cake hole!

Companies became big only if they had the thousands to spend on all these forms of advertising. Guerrilla marketing has supplanted the old marketing schemes and a simple well-thought out social media plan can devastate those old campaigns yet the cost is pennies versus thousands of dollars.

Direct mail was replaced by email, faxes were just dumped but turned into emails. The hours of networking we did away from our families became Facebook or, for me, LinkedIn, Television became YouTube which is fine with me, radio was replaced by the podcast (which I have started) and newspapers are trying to stay afloat but have been replaced by blogs. I guess the good old billboard still is there and probably does an effective job, but for the money I’d rather stick to free or near free marketing strategies using social media.

While running my first business incubator I published my first book, “How to Start a Successful Business — the First Time” on Amazon. It was a critical success and gave me a forum to be heard while giving me some very lucrative keynote speaking engagements. It also made me realize that people enjoyed my writing and I ended up writing for local, national and international magazines. All the while using my array of social media tools to cross promote.

Being heavily involved in social media, I realized I loved the engagement I got on a daily basis from people all over the world. I became good at it, I guess, because I had a great passion for it and started referring to it as my avocation. They say if you work at something long and hard enough you become a local, then national then international expert.

As RusselI Brunson said in his book ‘DOTCOM Secrets’ all of his strategies for having better web traffic and conversions are ‘evergreen’, meaning that the content is timeless. In this social media landscape, that is a pretty bold statement so “I will say that mine is evergreen as well minus some of the suggested apps that I recommend. It’s been a challenge to keep them up to date as some close, some are bought up and some are replaced by better ones; so bear with me and I hope you enjoy my material.

I arrived at the point where I know that my experience in social media can help any business and when other people from around the world tell you that you are global influencer you have to believe it.

With every business I have owned I didn’t measure success by how much money I made. My yardstick was; am I having fun?

I am having a ball!

*Special Thanks to my friend & Partner, Todd Buchanan, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Equifaira Advisors (Liquidity Event Planners) who wrote such a fine foreword for the book.

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Originally published at on December 12, 2017.

Business Startup Specialist, Global Social Media Influencer, Forbes Top 25 Small Business Accounts on Twitter. Richtopia's Top 100 Global Influencers 2018

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