Syphon Nanotech Announces Development of First Electric Vehicle Without a Battery

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Quantum based-Nanotechnology Replaces Rechargeable Batteries

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — March 6, 2020, Syphon Nanotech Inc. announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with LEO-RDA Ltd. and LM&TH Ltd of Puebla, Mexico, to produce battery replacement prototypes for their electric bicycles and their ‘Thalia’ model electric vehicle.

“There is no doubt that our technology will revolutionize everything that currently uses a rechargeable battery”, said Gary Bizzo, Syphon Nanotech’s CEO.

Syphon Nanotech Inc. (Automotive), a subsidiary of The Syphon Institute for Quantum Studies, is a corporation with headquarters in Vancouver and laboratories in Winnipeg. The company has developed an electrostatic generator that takes charged CO 2 particles from the atmosphere and converts them using proprietary technology into energy while reducing Green House Gases (GHG). The generator can be used as a standalone power source or to augment existing power sources.

With the MOU from LM&TH Automobiles and Transportation SAPI de CV to produce a prototype of its generator for LM&TH’s first generation of Electric Vehicles, Syphon Nanotech intends to replace the battery in both LM&TH’s electric cars and electric bicycles with a modified generator created from Syphon Nanotech’s working/proof of concept prototypes in Winnipeg. Syphon Nanotech will offer licenses to other auto manufacturers once the development is complete.

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LM&TH’s Thalia utility vehicle

LM&TH is 100% Mexican owned and produces its own line of electric bicycles and four passenger electric cars. The company is a designer/supplier to Volkswagen and Audi. LM&TH has a solid footing with its electric bicycles in South America, India and Europe. LM&TH is using this collaboration to move into the North American market with an electric bike and vehicle that is powered by a proprietary nanotechnology replacing the rechargeable battery.

This news follows a signed Letter of Intent by IMPACT International Secured Investments to raise a first round financing for Syphon Nanotech of US$750,000followed by a Green Bond financing of US$120 million upon final work on the Thalia automobile.

IMPACT International is a Vancouver-based boutique firm specializing in the raising of private equity capital for green-based technology and the facilitation of Green and Social Impact Bonds, as well as Secured bonds, using gold as a hard asset collateral.

IMPACT recently secured a Green Bond Financing of US$245 million for Güssing Renewable Energy, an Austrian company dedicated to the development of Waste-to-Energy electric power plants, to complete the development phases of three new projects in India, Thailand and Austria.

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Syphon Nanotech Inc.
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Source: Syphon Nanotech Inc.

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