When a Business Needs to Pivot the Right Help is Critical

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CT Corporation. The opinions and text are all mine.

I am a mentor to a client who owns a medium-sized retail/wholesale kitchenware company in Vancouver. She’s been running the business for about 10 years in a now run-down part of town that had once bustled with new business. Traffic patterns and her demographics had changed so she needed to change with it.

After some discussion, she agreed with me that she needed to pivot her business model from a retail operation that also does wholesale to a strictly limited wholesale operation. This allowed her to get rid of the retail site that had become a money-draining albatross and find either much cheaper warehouse space or even consider drop-shipping her product directly from the manufacturer to her commercial clients.

There were a lot of new issues that came with her cost saving plan. She needed to apply for a new business license if she moved the operation to a warehouse as well as all of the logistical things needed to relocate a business. She also needed solid legal advice if she went the drop-ship route. Since part of the plan would be to increase the wholesale side she would need to increase her reliance on the manufacturer as well as acquiring a registered agent in China to manage the shipments.

I was not secure in my understanding of her relationship with her foreign suppliers and felt she should secure some competent professionals who were experts in licensing, export and change management — like a one-stop shop! They analyze her needs and find solutions to meet them.

CT Corporation with 125 years in business was a solid professional solution. As their business evolved over the years they included more and more professional services to their business model. CT Corporation assured me that they would have an expert service member, who would support my client across the life of her business if needed, contact her as soon as possible. Because my client is changing her entire business model, there were multiple things she needed to change on the back-end too. CT Corporation is able to work with her to help define a business entity structure that reflected her changing needs. And because she was transitioning to a lot of remote contractors, CT would be able to help her with a PDF package detailing all the licenses, permits, and tax registrations that remote employees might require.

CT Corporation works with the client to help define another business structure to reflect your changing needs. They can assemble a PDF package with all licenses, permits, and tax registrations you need to file for your business. One of the new concepts many business owners face for the first time is hiring remote employees. CT Corporation has a lot of experience with this phenomenon and can guide a business to best practices and offer advice on how to manage employees or contractors who may work outside not only your local area but country as well.

I felt confident they would help my business owner make the right decisions for her situation. Small business owners/entrepreneurs need customized services to get them through the changes they need to make.

I assured my client that CT Corporation would be a good fit for her small business and that their reputation is one of accountability and integrity. They also have the manpower, in teams of specialists, to help her.

My client needed to work smarter and make her goals reflect where she wanted to go, and I needed to trust that my client was in good hands!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CT Corporation. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Originally published at www.garybizzo.com on April 20, 2018.

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